Rules & Safety

Gun Power (FPS)

FPS stands for “Feet Per Second”.  This is the measurement of the speed at which the BB exits the barrel of an airsoft gun.  AWI bases it’s FPS rules on FPS results when using 0.20g BB’s.

Minimum Engagement Distances (MED)

MED’s are set based on the power of the type of gun used.  This is the minimum distance your barrel is permitted to be from another player whilst still being allowed to take the shot.  These rules are designed to prevent players from being shot at too close by a gun that might cause discomfort or injury.

Generally, low-powered guns are made for close engagement whereas high powered guns are used for long distance shooting. The FPS and MED’s both increase or decrease relative to each other.



0 to 380 fps – 5m MED

380 to 420 fps – 10m MED
it is also RECOMMENDED you carry a sidearm shooting 350fps or lower

420 to 450 fps – 15m MED
You MUST also carry a sidearm shooting 350fps or lower

451 fps to 600 fps – 20m MED
(Bolt Action Sniper Rifles Only)
You MUST also carry a sidearm shooting 350fps or lower


0 to 370 fps – NO MED

Full auto restricted to 300 fps on case by case basis

Full face protection is MANDATORY for all CQB games due to the close range of shooting.

Full-Auto use at AWI Events

  • Only players vetted by the Airsoft Waikato Committee will be permitted to use fully automatic airsoft guns at events organised by Airsoft Waikato.
  • New & unknown players attending a game day with fully automatic weapons will be advised to use a semi-only rental gun until they have completed a probationary period of 3 games.
  • Any player using an airsoft gun which is capable of fully automatic fire is to be using non-winding magazines with the exception of light support weapons which can use box magazines or high capacity magazines.
  • Full Auto limited to 2 second bursts (this is to encourage people to move and also helps with the longevity of gun life)
  • Fully Automatic Weapons are to be used by approved players only and must only use non-winding magazines. Players are approved for automatic weapon use by committee members.

Sniper Rifles & Support Weapons

All Sniper Rifles & Support Weapons (e.g. M249, M60, RPK) will need to be be approved on a case-by-case basis for use at Airsoft Waikato games.

Please contact a committee member before bringing one of these weapons to a game day.

Contact AWI

If you have any questions regarding AWI club safety, gun limits or MED’s, please contact us.

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